• New Uranium Mining Projects / Niger

    New Uranium Mining Projects / NigerThe following companies are performing uranium prospection and/or exploration in Niger: Bayswater Uranium Corporation external link (planned), Areva NC, Greencastle Resources Ltd. external link (planned), Murchison United NL external link (planned), Southampton Ventures Inc. external link, North Atlantic Resources Ltd. external link, Selier Energy Niger SARL external link, Anglo-Canadian Uranium Corp. external link (planned), China National Uranium Corporation (CNUC), Société des Mines d'Azelik (SOMINA), Global Uranium Corporation (Ont.) external link, Homeland Uranium Inc. external link, Trendfield Holdings SA external link, Indo Energy Ltd (UK), NGM Resources Ltd external link, Semafo Inc. external link, Orezone Resources Inc. external link, Niger Resources Inc. external link, Brighton Energy Ltd external link, Delta Exploration Inc. external link, COJ Commodity Investments Ltd (UK), Agadez Ltd (UK), Taurian Resources Pvt Ltd. external link, Rio Tinto, ATI Petroleum external link, Niger Uranium Limited, Niger Uranium SA, Nordic Diamonds Ltd. external link, Dhanani Holding Niger, La Société Salamat Mining Niger, Island Arc Exploration Corp. external link (application), GoviEX Niger Holdings Ltd. external link, Artemis Resources Ltd external link, Oklo Uranium Ltd external link, Aura Energy Ltd external link, Richmond Energy Corp. external link (planned), Brinkley Mining Plc external link, Semmous Lion Mining Ltd. external link

    Chinese uranium mining interests to revamp Niger's power supply

    Niger government has sealed a deal with China to upgrade the country's power supplies. Niger which sources most of its power from Nigeria had several black outs since January due to systems collapse in Nigeria. In the deal aimed at improving Niger's power supplies, China - which is currently the main investor in uranium mining in the country - will transfer electrical power units to Niger. Niger's head of power plant in capital Niamey Mr Hamidu Mamudu, said the new equipment would help increase production of electric power by about 30% for the Niamey region saying equipment will also increase power output between 50 and 60 megawatts. (afrol News, 7 July, 2008)

    Niger to award 100 exploration permits to ramp up uranium industry

    Niger Energy and Mines Minister Mamadou Abdulahi said that the country will award 100 mining exploration permits over the next two years. State-controlled French utility Areva has enjoyed a monopoly on production of uranium in Niger for some 40 years. In recent years, the government has issued a slew of new exploration licences in an effort to diversify the uranium sector. (Resource Investor Jan 10, 2008)

    Indian company granted uranium exploration and mining permit in Niger

    Taurian Resources Pvt Ltd. external link has recently won a contract which gives it exclusive rights over 3,000 sq. km. of the Sahara Desert known to be rich in deposits of uranium. According to the estimates of the Managing Director of the company, Sachin Bajla, the area in the Arlit region is likely to hold at least 30,000 tonnes of uranium. This is the first time any Indian has won a contract for uranium exploration and mining anywhere in the world.
    Niger is not a member of the Nuclear Suppliers Group, the 45-member nation that controls all nuclear-related commerce, and hence it should be easy for India to access the uranium once the mines become operational - this will take several years. (The Hindu Aug. 19, 2007)

    Chinese uranium prospector captured in Niger by Tuareg rebels

    A Chinese employee of a mining company was captured on July 6, 2007, by Tuaregs of the rebel Movement of Niger People for Justice (MNJ) in the Ingall region 100 kilometres south of Agadez, the movement said. According to the Niger government, the Chinese national worked with a team prospecting for uranium. (The News July 7, 2007)
    The Chinese company has suspended its activities in the country. The kidnapped employee was released on July 10, 2007. (Reuters July 10, 2007)

    Niger to triple uranium production in the next few years

    Niger communication minister and government spokesman Mohamed Ben Omar has said his country plans to raise its annual uranium production from 3,500 to 10,500 tonnes a year in the next few years. Speaking at a news conference, Omar said French group Areva will remain Niger's strategic partner in uranium exploitation.
    Reacting to statements by non-governmental organisations (NGOs) on the health and environmental consequences of uranium exploitation in northern Niger, he said Areva plans to invest about 540 billion francs CFA [US$ 1.1 billion] in the well-being of people living in the affected area. (Africast May 3, 2007)

    Imouraren project

    On July 31, 2008, Areva announced the receipt of the environmental approval for its Imouraren uranium mine project. The approval is part of the documentation for the exploitation permit applied for by Areva on May 15, 2008.

    On Jan. 13, 2008, Areva announced it has received government agreement to launch mining at the Imouraren deposit and to extend its exploration scope. With a planned investment of over 1 billion euros (approximately 650 billion FCFA), the Imouraren site will constitute the biggest industrial mining project ever under consideration in Niger, placing it at the second world rank with almost 5,000 tons of uranium produced annually.

    Heavily-armed men attacked a camp of uranium prospectors in northern Niger early on Apr. 20, 2007, killing a security guard and wounding three other people, industry sources said. Some 20-30 men demanding a better deal for local Tuareg people raided the camp operated by the French nuclear energy group Areva housing around 250 people and made off with six vehicles and a large number of mobile phones. The raid took place at Imouraren, 85 kilometres south of the main uranium-producing centre of Arlit, the sources said. The gunmen said they belonged to a group called the Niger Movement for Justice, which emerged in February 2007. They called for the proper implementation of a 1995 accord which ended a Tuareg rebellion by promising the tribesmen priority in jobs with local mining companies. (AFP Apr. 20, 2007)

    Areva may begin producing 4,000 tonnes of uranium a year starting in 2011 from a deposit located in Imouraren, said Mohamed Abdoulahi, Minister of Mines and Energy. The Imouraren deposit contains 146,000 tonnes, one of the world's biggest. Areva's project will cost as much as 500 million euros, said Oumarou Massalbi, director of mines at the ministry. (The Standard Mar. 8, 2007)

    Azelik deposit (Teguidda deposit), Agadez region

    > View deposit info

    Sinohydro Corp. external link, China's leading hydraulic construction contractor announced it has secured a 140 million U.S. dollar uranium mine construction deal in Niger with China Nuclear International Uranium Corp. (SinoUranium). The contract calls for building a uranium mine with annual output of 600,000 tons, a coal-fired power plant and a hydrometallurgy plant in the African country, Sinohydro said in a statement on its website. The construction will last 900 days. (People's Daily Online Apr. 8, 2008)

    On Nov. 9, 2007, the government of Niger granted Société des Mines d'Azelik (SOMINA) a mining license for the Azelik uranium deposit. SOMINA was formed on June 5, 2007, by the state of Niger and its Chinese partners. On June 19, 2007, the company applied for a mining license for the Azelik uranium deposit. The application was accompanied by an environmental impact study which was approved in July 2007, and a technical-economical feasibility study. The license was granted, after the latter study had been modified, as requested by the authorities. (Tamtaminfo Nov. 9, 2007)

    CNNC plans the first production from the Teguidda deposit for the beginning of 2010. (Trendfield, July 24, 2006)

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